1. Is it possible to ship to different European countries?

Yes, the most. We prefer DHL courier, we send shipment by car freight. All our tables are insured during transportation and delivery progress can be monitored. Our carrier will contact you directly regarding the exact delivery date.

2. Can I order a table that I like in another dimension and material?

Absolutely yes! Our tables are made by us specially for you, so on the page in the order detail on the email address write the dimensions of your dream table. Tables are made of oak or walnut wood but if you wish different material to be used - write to us and we will price it for you. Also, if you would like to have a smaller size table, we will match the frame and fold together with the top.

3. Can I order a table in a different stain?

Yes. On our tables we apply special handmade colourless oil, which will emphasize the natural colour of the wood and emphasize the grain of our table. At your request we can give it the colour you want, either by oiling or varnishing and also leave the top in the raw form.

4. Is the table packed and sent as one whole piece or separately - top and legs?

We prefer to send the table as two parts, ie the top and the frame are packed separately in our studio, all are protected so that no part is damaged or scratched. The set contains the necessary screws.

5. Can the steel frame of the table scratch my floor?

Each table comes with a set of special felt pads, so you do not have to worry about the beauty of your floor.

6. How much does the table weigh?

This depends primarily on the thickness of the worktop, but the weight of the complete table varies between 30-50 kg.

7. How to care for the surface of my countertop so that I can enjoy it as long as possible?

 If it is dirty, wipe it with a damp cotton cloth every day, and if the table is oiled, impregnate it with oil again once or twice a year.